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About Hypa.net

Hypa.NET was created in April 1999 as a full featured hosting service provider. Hypa.NET's parent company, Harveyopolis Corporation had been heavily involved in web hosting since its founding in August 1995.
More than four years after it was created, Hypa.NET is still expanding. Last Autumn a new data center was opened in downtown Los Angeles, which has enabled us to take on many more customers for both web hosting and now wireless internet access.
If you are located in Los Angeles, you may be within our area of coverage. We have wireless plans starting at $39.95/month, which is similar to most cable/dsl prices, and it's fast. It's up to 30 times faster than DSL!
Please contact a sales technician to arrange for a free site survey!
Small Office: $19.95Office Solution: $39.95Complete Office: $99.95